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How To Download FL Studio, Crack FL Studio and Buy FL Studio

Read about my stupid mistake of trying to crack FL Studio every time a new and better version came out and how I saved a lot of time and money by only spending $170 for LIFETIME FREE UPDATES!!!

FL Studio Download Links:

Free FL Studio Download (latest version)

Select one of the free download services below to download the latest FULL version of Fruity Loops Studio for free!

Keep in mind that you are downloading a trial version that has all the features of the full version, except the ability to save what you produced. Read on to find out about cracking it.

How to Crack FL Studio

First of all, if you are actually reading this because you searched for this, you have no idea what you are doing (you wouldn't be asking basic questions like these). Chances are you will not be able to tell a good cracked version from the one that could potentially contain malware and viruses and make you format your entire computer! Here's how you'd do it though (and how I did it at first too):

  • You are going to spend a few hours searching for a good FL Studio Crack on one of the torrent sites.
  • IF you find a good torrent with a lot of seeds, it will most likely take you a few more hours to download it.
  • Then you will have to properly crack it, using the instructions provided with the cracked version of FL Studio.
  • You will have to go through the same process every few months (wasting about 3-5 hours each time), updating the program to a new, more stable and less buggy version that contains more awesome features.

OR, you can do what I did after wasting many hours trying to crack each updated version of FL Studio:

  • I don't care if you are from Russia or another poor country similar to it, $90 isn't a lot of money anymore, and chances are, you can make that in less than a month if you don't waste money.
  • Use this link to buy FL Studio and receive 10% off the purchase. Keep in mind that you only get the discount if you click on that particular link (it's only provided for the readers of FLSkins.com)!

Why Buy it if I Can Get it for Free?

If you are asking this question, you obviously don't value your time. Instead of simply upgrading hassle-free with the latest version, you will need to KILL many, many hours each time to crack FL Studio!

I've bought the legit version almost 3 years ago and have been getting FREE updates with sometimes even FREE VST's (that otherwise cost money) ever since! Tell me this isn't worth it!!!

Anyways, keep wasting time trying to crack your FL Studio, or use the links below to receive discounts only available for FL Skins users!

P.S. I bought the Producer Edition which costs a little more, but has WAY more features than just the basic version. Spend more money up-front, so you save more money down the road, because eventually you WILL want to own more VST's and use all the features of the software.

Buy FL Studio Now and save 10%!

Purchase FL Studio right now to receive a 10% discount. For example:

Don't make yourself look stupid by downloading a cracked version of FL Studio and save your time... each time an update is available. After all, all legit copies come with 100% FREE UPGRADES FOR LIFE!!!

Don't waste your time, order your legit copy now through FL Skins and receive 10% off your purchase!

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P.S. For anyone that has purchased a legal version of FL Studio, please comment below and leave your testimonial. It might help someone new make the right decision!

P.P.S. Once you buy FL Studio, you can also get free FL Studio skins. We will have more skins soon.

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