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Free Sample Download: TS_300_kit

Another fine release by Tobias. This release is packed with tape saturated hits: everything from  808's to acoustic drums. Numerous effects have been applied to add cohesion and space. Don't forget to visit Tobias's Facebook group and his personal website.

"The TS_300_kit is a collection of my favorite tape saturated hits, everything from 808's to acoustic drums. Every sample is processed with a selection of reverbs to add cohesion and space. Every hit with the _TS suffix has been heavily processed. I used a plethora of heavy compression, eq, distortion and the spl transient designer to add punch and body. Each _TS sample was then compressed in parallel and sent to a api 312 pre, 500 eq and an EL Fatso for some more color and warmth."

Download (20.2MB)

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